2014 Epic Fatherhood Conference Call

The Epic Fatherhood Conference Call was recorded in May 2014 with Dr. Tim Clinton, Kirk Cameron, Dr. David Ferguson, and others.
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A Celebration of Dads

Watch these hand picked videos by the Fatherhood CoMission that celebrates fatherhood.

  • A beautiful video underlining that technology cant replace the presence and touch of a dad.
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  • Dove Men's Care Video- Isnt it time we celebrate Dads?
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  • Daaaaad... Video
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  • Dad says it best- Sing Tel Video
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  • Beautiful video from WetJet and Ronald McDonald - helping a dad be with his sick son on fathers day.
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  • There's no script for being a dad. Great video from American Greetings
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  • Dad singing Love in Open Door with his Daughter
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  • Dad singing Tonight My Hearts Belongs to You with his 4 year old w/ a pink ukulele)
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  • "Daddy!" It's a word delivered with more enthusiasm than most adults have the ability to muster, and little Ella Mae says it again and again ... and again.
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  • A tear jerker that pays tribute to a man who couldn't be there on his daughter's special day.
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  • A military dad brought home to be with his family on the Today Show.
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  • 2013 Leaders Summit At Winshape

    Listen to these audio clips from this past year's FCM Leaders Summit at Winshape:

    2013 Fatherhood Summit (December 4-6)

    Listen to podcasts, short interviews, full interviews, video interviews with Bob Crittendon from the Meeting House Radio Feature and various Fathering and Ministry Leaders recorded at the 2013 Fatherhood Summit Dec. 4-6. Guests and topics include:

    • Richard Albertson/Rick Marks - Live the Life
    • Tim Clinton - American Association of Christian Counselors (Problems Men/ Fathers are facing)
    • Kevin Downes and Jon Erwin - Moms' Night Out (A family comedy for the whole family)
    • Bill Farrel - LoveWise (Fathering and marriage)
    • Matt Haviland - A Father's Walk
    • Mark Holmen - Faith @ Home
    • Wade Jackson - Family Dynamics Institute (How marriage is tied to fathering)
    • Jeff Kemp - FamilyLife
    • Mark Merrill - Family First
    • Bob Waliszewski - Focus on the Family (media discernment and fathers)
    • Roland Warren - Care Net
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    Funny Videos

    General Videos

    Key Presentations from Fatherhood Leaders Summit, November, 2012, Winshape Retreat Center

    1. Stephen Kendrick (Producer of COURAGEOUS movie, FCM Board Member )
      " Update on COURAGEOUS/ Spiritual side of championing fathers"
    2. Glenn Stanton (Focus on the Family), Dr. Brad Wilcox (UofVa)
      "Current Research and the State of Fatherhood and why its important to leaders, churches and communities"
    3. Jeff Kemp (Former NFL Quarterback, VP at Family Life)
      "Why Fathers and Championing Fathers is Important"