The Fatherhood Leaders Summit

Held Each Year for Fathering Leaders and Influencers

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Objective Summary

Communion With God

We desire to provide Fathering Leaders with:

  • Free Training - "Helping Leaders stay on the Cutting Edge."
  • Spiritual Enrichment - "Recharging One Another's Batteries"
  • Christian Fellowship - "Sharing A Little Taste of Heaven"
  • National Networking - "Connecting Great People Together"
  • Dream as a Team - "Engaging the Future in Unity."

What We Hope To Accomplish

We want to rejoice and laugh together, grieve and pray together, educate and encourage each other, network and fellowship, and then dream and collaborate so that we can be united in advancing God's calling for fathers.

If leaders can come, be loved on, and get recharged at this event, then they will be more likely to work together and be more effective when they go home.

Success Will Come If ...

Communion With God
  • We can celebrate God's faithfulness in our lives regarding Fatherhood.
  • We can be like the Sons of Issachar and "know the times" – 1 Chron. 12:32
  • We can create an rich environment where Christ-like fellowship can be enjoyed.
  • We can recharge and lift up the arms of the leaders of Fatherhood Ministries.
  • We can seek God's greater blessing that comes by working in unity. - Psalm 133
  • We can prayerfully seek God's heart and ideas as champions of Fatherhood.
  • We can prepare to engage the church and culture together with one voice.

Agenda/ Scheduling Goals

  • To honor God by seeking His will, presence and guidance in an environment of Christian unity.
  • To create a schedule so that a strong network of loving relationships, great ideas, and united efforts can form.
  • To facilitate a variety of sessions that will collectively better engage, equip and encourage leaders.
  • To honor and encourage the men and ministries of God that are providing an example and / or good resources to strengthen fatherhood.
  • Our desire is for attendees to deeply enjoy the event and want to come back every year.
  • To balance out intensity with enjoyment, work with prayer, tears with laughter, labor with rest, and receiving with giving.
  • Over 60 top family and fathering organizations are represented at our Leaders Summit. Download Complete List of FCM Partners & Supporters

Key Presentations From Previous Leader Summits

Listen to these audio clips from previous FCM Leaders Summit at Winshape:


"Really enjoyed – and benefited from – the first annual FCM Leaders Summit. Especially challenged and encouraged by some of the discussions and lectures. The facilities were beautiful, the staff was super helpful and the entire conference was extremely well run."
The Honorable Gregory W. Slayton, Former U.S. Ambassador, Author of national best-seller Be a Better Dad Today

"Still unwrapping this weekend like a kid at Christmas! It was rich!! It is an honor to be a part of what God is doing through the co-mission for fatherhood! God is going to use this Godly Board of Directors and all the organizations involved in the Fatherhood Co-Mission to have a lasting, life-changing impact on fathers, sons and daughters all around the world! Praying for you all (and the board) as next steps are revealed! "
Jason Ellerbrook | Men's Ministry Leader/ LifeWay Church Resource Division

"The Fatherhood Summit was classic 'iron sharpening iron'. Godly men and women who agree with Almighty God and one another that we must engage and equip fathers to execute the role God has granted to them and not attempt to do it for them. Every child needs and deserves a dad and the time is now for men of God to stand in the gap for families across our nation. The Summit reminded me how important fatherhood is and God used the time to fuel my tank for the days ahead!"
Brian Doyle, President, Iron Sharpens Iron, FCM Chairman of the Board

"Thanks for uniting and serving the team to serve the children and their dads and families, Mitch. Kid's lacking their's a crisis in America that calls for a united team effort. I was blessed and thrilled to participate in the first gathering of a national Fatherhood CoMission. Humility, respect and working together as a larger team through God's power gives us great hope!"
Jeff Kemp, VP, FamilyLife

"The FCM Leaders Summit brought new energy, meaning and purpose to me/us and the work we do in the Great Northwest. The spirit of the Lord was present and it was apparent that all attendees gave way to the Holy spirit. It was a very powerful 2.5 days. The energy and focus was fabulous! Meeting new people that shared the same passion around fatherhood was remarkable and so refreshing. I thank God I was able to be there to see what God is up to and how his kingdom building work is manifesting. Thank you for allowing Marvin and I to be apart of the Summit. We were truly blessed!!"
Jeanett & Marvin Charles, Co-Founders, D.A.D.S.

"The gathering of passionate champions for Fatherhood was encouraging and compelling for my wife and me. I'm moved by the Kingdom focus and the timing of the event. God is obviously working in and through many ministries individually and collectively to prioritize the issue of Biblical fathering. I'm optimistic and prayerful about the future of this movement. Lives will be transformed and families restored earthly fathers learn to love their children under the guidance and example of our Heavenly Father. "
Mike Young, Founder/ Executive Dir.

"I found brothers and sisters I never knew I had who are now my partners in encouraging, empowering, celebrating dads and the Gospel. It was a thrill and so encouraging to see sons and daughters of our Heaven Father come together to serve and advocate for fatherhood on behalf of sons and daughters in families all over America and across the Globe."
Jim Liske- CEO, Prison Fellowship, Colsen Center