History of FCM


The movie COURAGEOUS was one of the most successful of all Christian films in 2011. The movie followed the stories of life, triumphs and tragedies of five men. The movie inspired millions of fathers to be the kind of father God called them to be.

Because of the potential impact of this film some of the Nation's Top Family and Fathering organizations came together to support the film. During the course of working together the question was raised "What would happen if we as organizations worked together after Courageous to mobilize, strengthen and encourage churches to strengthen fathers?"

From that question came ongoing discussions and prayer about what that might look like. Individual ego's, organizational strategies and programs were put to the side to develop the Fatherhood CoMission. Patterned after the Marriage CoMission, the Fatherhood CoMission was structured to be an organization that mobilized several groups including the church to work together on a common mission. Its purpose was not to highlight or promote any one organization or project but serve as a convening, empowering entity so national, regional and groups could do their work more effectively.

In December 2003, WinShape Marriage began hosting yearly Summits of marriage organizations, authors, and leaders around the simple hope that stronger relationships will lead to greater collaboration, which in turn will strengthen the Marriage Movement.

This gathering which came to be known as The Marriage CoMission focused on the question, "How do cultures change?" The observation was made that the proliferation of marriage knowledge, materials, and ministries seemed to have done little to stem the downward spiral of marriage and the traditional family in America. What needs to be done differently? Conclusion: Overlapping networks of leaders, overlapping resources, and overlapping institutions with shared purpose and direction will unleash the practical dynamics of changing a culture. Relationships were made and enhanced in the continued recognition that strong relationships can breed a new level of collaboration to strengthen marriages. The main desire was to create a neutral banner under which marriage champions from various circles of influence could work together as allies in a strategically focused collaborative effort. The Fatherhood CoMission hopes to accomplish a similar task around one of our culture's most precious resources- Fathers.

The Fatherhood CoMission continues to grow and expand its reach to millions of Fathers all over the world by Serving, Inspiring and Networking Fatherhood Leaders. Examples of our ongoing strategies are yearly campaigns around each Fathers Day which encourages and equips churches, communities and individuals to honor dads: CourageousDads.com and Honoryourfathertoday.com. Here Dads and churches can access free research, apps, downloads, watch videos designed to encourage and inspire dads and encourage Dads to reconnect with their kids. Millions of impressions are created which touch Dads and ultimately their kids through these great programs.

The Fatherhood CoMission also offers a free Leaders Summit each year in which more than a 100 Leaders and their spouses are invited to Serve, Inspire and Network them with others leaders and organizations. And each year Leader couples are provided marriage retreats at no cost to help strengthen their marriages. There's so much more.

Won't you join us in praying for the Fatherhood CoMission and hundreds of organizations who are reaching dads all over the world? If you believe in championing Dads we would also like to invite you give a one time or ongoing tax deductible gift to our organization. Your gifts will allow us to continue encouraging leaders, promoting fatherhood in our culture.