Family Devotions

DADS, You can lead FAMILY CHURCH at HOME. Short. Sweet. Fun. Engaging. Biblical.

Devotions - Home Model

Here's help:

  • Get Family Comfortable around family room or table (drinks and bibles encouraged).
  • Open with humor and then prayers from anyone. Start with THANKS, GRATITUDE and PRAISE FOR WHO GOD IS
  • Play an easy-to-sing popular worship song and sing along...guitar and piano talent welcome, too.
  • Let family know what story we will tell as a family. Pick a well-known, relevant Jesus story, parable or OT story.
  • Invite members to tell and fill in the story.
  • Then read the passage.
  • Invite dialogue with questions like: "What's it say about God, about us, about how we should live?"
  • Share prayer requests and let people pray for other people and their concerns.
  • Close with Prayer (and song if desired). Perhaps the Lord's Prayer.
  • Tell another dad and friend you are doing this. Urge him to do it and tell a friend.
  • Pray for each other leading church at home.
  • Keep giving to your local church and using their digital services & resources.
  • See the attached meme you can use personally and please post on your social media channels.
  • Here's some devotional examples/ templates you can use with your family